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Attendance Differing at One Event

We occasionally have events where some scouts/leaders only attend for a portion of the time.

Is there a way to track the correct time per person without making an additional event for same activity?

For example, if I have some at a Service Project for 2 hours and others for 6 hours. How do I mark them correctly?


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Go to that scout’s individual record and you can change the hours for that individual.

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Hi, @ErinKaufman. As @JulianaRather pointed out, you can easily edit individual scouts after doing a quick-entry for all if it’s only a few. If you already did the quick entry, unfortunately that’s really your only option since Scoutbook doesn’t have a “modify” option for Quick Entry in the logs.

When I’ve had larger groups who attended for different periods of time, (e.g. 20 scouts were there for all 6 hours, another 15 for 4 hours, and 5 for only 2 hours), I created the event for the logs using Quick Entry, selected all of the scouts who attended for one time period (e.g. 20 x 6 hours), entered their time, copied the name/description field for the event, and saved. Then, I re-entered Quick Entry with the second batch, pasted in my copied names/descriptions, selected the next batch of scouts for the next duration, and saved. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. :wink:

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