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Attending other District and Council events

Hello gang… It is appropriate and/or allowed for scouts and leaders to sign up for events hosted by other Councils? I am starting to notice a lot of great events in Councils surrounding ours and I am wanting to sign up. What about participation in larger events as a unit as well?



This is 100% allowed. Go ahead and participate!


Pandemic travel restrictions

Many cub scouts (age 12 ans under) are too young to be vaccinated. Hopefully childeren age 2-12 will have a vaccine before the end of 2021.

I understand that

  • the Covid variant delta is significantly more contagious than Covid-19 in the young unvaccinated people who are not taking action to protect themselves and others, and that
  • non-local travel is not recommended and should be delayed by everyone at this time (21 August 2021).


Participation in events in other countries is also permitted by lone cub scouts and cub scouts in packs.

Participation in some countries may be restricted by the US government or the foreign government.

Travel and Public Health References

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