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ATV Question

Is there a good place in Scoutbook to log the ATV course completion? I haven’t found any where but thought I could have missed something. Since there is no patch or anything is there a good way to honor those that take part or is this really just something that is an elective for scouts?

On a related note. When logging information for the National Outdoor Award Riding Award it says 200 miles of riding type activities. How do you know home many miles the ATV course is? Or if you work on your Horsemanship merit badge how do you figure out how many miles you rode horse for the badge? For aquatics it is based on hours and that is easy to calculate. The miles is far more difficult and can be subjective. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

There is no place in Scoutbook to log ATV course completion.

I came here with the exact same questions!

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Just so you are aware Wendy. In the comments section of the National OUtdoor Award for Riding I write down ATV there. It is a way to keep track as well as a reminder that they have done some of the qualified “riding”. I just don’t know how to calculate the miles. But if I get a scout that gets close that should be something that they get credit for.

Thanks! I will log it that way and maybe find/make a card similar to a merit badge card to give them.

Our Summer Camp gave the Scouts who took the ATV course a completion card and we are giving that out at the next COH but I was also wondering how many miles to credit the NOA riding for the ATV course.

Have you asked the camp? They might have an approximate idea how long the course is.

Yes I asked, they didn’t and said they would get back to me. It has now been over a month and no response.

I’m not real hopeful to get a meaningful response since I had the person doing the Lifeguarding Merit Badge inform me that she could change the requirements as she saw fit.

How irregular is the ATV course? Does the camp have a satellite-photo-based map with distance ruler on it on their website that can be used to determine the distance?

Do you have a first class or higher ranked Scout you can ask to do it?
I have started a discussion about resources for determining distance at:

This was at a Summer Camp that is over 300 miles away. So no I don’t think it would work to have a scout figure it out. I am not sure if even an in-council scout would be able to do it since summer camp is now done for the year. I agree with a previous poster, I think it is unlikely most camps will respond to that request. Especially since Summer Camp has basically wrapped up for many areas. Although I get why they do miles for this award I really wish they would do hours like the rest, at least you can estimate more easily there. I wasn’t even able to see the ATV course so I can’t even do a rough estimate either. I also have a scout that did the horsemanship merit badge and trail-rides. I again didn’t go along so have no idea how far they went. I wonder how scouts are supposed to even try to earn this NOA award?

Which Camp? Location? and Council?

I suspect someone has already run the in course in a vehicle that has an odometer in it, noting the start and stop mile count, to measure the distance.

If that information is not available, a map of the course may allow a Scout, me or you, to determine the estimated length of the course. Were your Scouts given a information packet with a map of ATV course on it and/or course length information in it?

Is there a camp map online with the ATV course on it. If so, it might be possible to use that map to estimate the distance of the course using information available online. It might even have the course length.

The Scouting volunteers and staff that plan improvements to the camps, who may have a map or course length, normally do not live at the camps year-round. So the camp closing may not be a limiting factor in getting the information.

The problem is that they camp where it was done is in Colorado and we are in Texas.

I do not see that as a problem.
It would help if you would identify the camp they were at.
There might be someone from Colorado on this forum that could help.

Scouts completing the ATV safety course receive a completion card from the ATV Safety Institute. When the BSA ATV safety program was launched in 2013 there was also a temporary patch:


I suspect most BSA camp ATV trails/courses are short in length. For example, one-half mile. The ATV trek for older youth at Summit is apparently 60 miles long. The National Outdoor Riding Award requires riding 200 miles, completing certain merit badges, and additional requirements.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted Polaris since it is their program to see if they have any information.

Have you tried contacting the council in charge of the camp? There is usually someone (District Executive perhaps) who might know or be able to give an estimate.

I would not expect Polaris (a BSA partner) to know the length of the course. They are more likely to know the BSA camps they have sold or donated ATVs to. (I did not see a camp in Colorado listed in their online list.)

Third time: What is the name of the BSA camp in Colorado with the new ATV course?

The Camp is Camp Alexander.

You can send an email to the Camp Ranger by going to the Council Staff web page here:

“Camp Alexander Ranger” is listed under Support Staff, with a name and phone number, and an email link.

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Try e-mailing or calling:

Camp Alexander Ranger – Thomas Hopkins - 719-219-2929
Program Director – David Pope - 253-283-8402
Front Desk Customer Service – Catherine Walsh - 719-634-1584

Pikes Peak Council Staff