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Audiobook version of Scouts BSA book?

Hello. I am just wondering if anyone knows that the audiobook version of the Scout handbook exists or not for visually impaired scouts.

If you know anything about it, please let me know. My quick Google search did not bring up anything.


Mika Watanabe
ASM, Troop 402

There was an older version in Braille…

Cubs last year…

Have check what talking book services your local library offers?
Is your Scout or Scouter using the BARD service from the National Library Service for the blind and print disabled at the US Library of Congress?

Technology changes. Audiobooks appear to older than talking books that use digital technology.

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Services available and location vary by state. California publishes the following Handbook (165 pages),

LOW VISION, PREPARED BY California Department of Social Services OFFICE OF SERVICES TO THE BLIND, 2020 edition.

The largest producers of educational materials are the
American Printing House (APH) for the Blind and
Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D).
The APH produces material for school age students. For
information on available publications, refer to “Catalogs of
Merchandise” in the “Directory of Resources” section of
this Handbook.

The RFB&D produces educational materials for students
and non-students alike. If you need a training manual,
cookbook, instructional material or any other educational
item, RFB&D will record it for you. For information on
available publications, see “Producers of Audio Books and
Periodicals” in the “Directory of Resources” section of this

The California Department of Education’s Clearinghouse
for Specialized Media and Translations (CSMT) provides
instructional resources in accessible and meaningful
formats to K-12 students with disabilities. Educational
material adopted by the State Board of Education is
produced in a variety of formats such as: Braille, Large
Print, audio recordings and Digital Talking Books. The
CSMT is a supplier of APH products, as well as, the
administrator for the APH Federal Quota Program for
California students. This program allocates federal quota
money for the purchase of APH products, based on the
annual census of eligible students in California. For contact
information for the CSMT, refer to “Large Print Books” and
“Audio Books and Periodicals” in the “Directory of
Resources” section of this Handbook.

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I found pdf from the West Tennessee Area Council.

It says “Recordings of the Boy Scout Handbook and various merit badge pamphlets. Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic, 800-221-4792.” It seems a bit dated as it says Boy Scout vs. Scouts BSA, but it would be a place to start.

Like Bill says above, there are active non-profits that ready text books etc. My aunt volunteers for one and they are constantly doing new ones.

Sorry for the crazy google embedded link, it is a pdf…

Thank you very much!!! I will take a look.

Thank you. This is very valuable. We have a scout with very unique learning difference, so we are looking for an audio version of the Scout Handbook. I hope RFB&D carries one. I will also go research more about CSMT. Thank you.

Thank you Matt. It seems a little outdated, as the document was created in 2004, but will still visit the national site, and see if they offer information listed on this PDF link. Thank you so much!!!

Learning Ally Learningally.org is a great resource. I see that they have the 13th edition handbook in their catalog as well as many merit badge pamphlets. A visually impaired or dyslexic scout may have access through their school. The books are read by volunteers who are subject matter experts and include descriptions of photos and diagrams.

Thank you. I just reached to them, and found out that the school that the scout attends to has the subscription of it. It looks like the scout already has an access! Thank you.


I will also note the merit badge handbooks on Learning Ally are a bit dated. My dyslexic scout uses apps that will read like speechify for unavailable books.

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