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Audit Log mixes units

I’m the COR for two Troops (B and G).
We have several ASMs registered in both troops.
We have several MBCs registered with council who are registered in both troops.

My audit logs seem to show, when T361G is selected, any advancement record where either the Scout or the User is registered in T361G (This is the report shown). Similarly, when T360B is selected.

I’d expect that when T360G is selected, we only get SCOUT advancement from T361G.

You are looking at the Scout record and who recorded it - not the unit - if a B leader marked off something for a G troop it is going to show - this is correct

If I’m looking at a G report and a B leader marked off on it, it should show.
IMO, if I’m looking at a G report and a G leader marked off on a B requirement, it should not show but it does (I don’t think line 1 above should show in a G report, since it shows a B scout…)

silly question - but is that scout somehow in both units

Nope. Just double-checked, but I probably would have noticed a boy in my girl troop roster :slight_smile:

yeah I see this on the text server but cannot figure it out - I will report it - post the URL of your report here please

Here is a T360B report showing girls advancements.


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Pat and Chris disagree with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: