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Audit log report fails for single patrol

When running an audit log report for a single patrol (instead of ALL), it fails with:

Please log onto your account and try again, or report this to the forums (7).

Does not seem to be affected by any other options.

Do you have a full control connection to all scouts.

Yes, I’m a full admin.

Try this:
Go to your unit roster page.
Click your name > your positions > your current pack admin position > update.

I did discover two scouts that I did not have full control for, and updating the admin position fixed that. I’m still getting the error for the audit log report with a patrol selected, though.

Are you a troop or patrol admin?

I am a troop admin. (I originally said patrol admin due to a temporary brain failure…)

I am having the same issue.

Are you also a patrol admin. I believe you have to be a troop admin.