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Audit Log Report "unknown" user

Why does it say “unknown” user on the audit log? I know that several were me some lines have my name some have “unknown”.

Trying to track down who exactly is in the systm.

Hi Jennifer,

The database did not track who made changes until more recently when the Audit Log Report was added to Scoutbook. So any entries made before then will show up this way. If the changes were made this year, however, it’s something we should look into.

Just this week - I made changes and my name came up “unknown” and in some places with my user name. Trying to nail down who is in the system and what are they doing without looking at individuals records. For example - someone changed a scout this week and that change made the scout disappear.

Hi Jennifer,

Knowing exactly where you made the changes (profile, activity, merit badge, payment, etc.) and what the changes were to the best of your memory of them could help isolate the problem.

Jonathan - in looking at my troop log from 1 May to date I have spotted unknowns that resulted from a quick entry of service hours, and an instance of a parent/committee member marking completed items on a merit badge which i gather may well have been a quick entry for the same day.

@JenniferStone1, when using the extension from Google, it gives a ‘unknown’ for the user. At least that has been my experience.