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AutoLogin Feature for My Scouting IOS Mobile app

Has anyone else been having difficulty getting the AutoLogin feature to work? I contacted BSA Member Contact Service Center and they said uninstall and reinstall the App and to make sure the app is updated. I have done both suggestions and still no luck.

I haven’t seen any abnormal performance with the app version on iOS 13.6.1. What exactly are you seeing, and what version of the app and which OS are you using?

When I toggle the Autologin switch on, it will not save the login information. Version 6.1.5 (631) on iOS 13.6.1

Wait… Sorry, I was looking at the Scouting app with the red icon.

I also have the same version of My Scouting installed. I have auto-login turned on and it seems to be working OK for me. I’ve only tried it once, though. Will play with it today and try to reproduce what you’re seeing.