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I have been having trouble with the AutoLogin feature. When I toggle the AutoLogin switch on, the login information does not save. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well as making sure the app is updated per suggestions from the Member Care Contact Center. Other suggestions?

Researching. Will advise when I know more.


Are you logging out of the app expecting it to automatically log you back in? If so, that’s not what autologin does. (Please advise.)

Autologin works when person is in MyScouting and the session expires, I.e., When you are closed out of the app without logging off. In this situation, when the person selects the MyScouting app again it automatically logins.

Does this help and address your situation?

Rick Hillenbrand


Yes, your email addresses the situation. I did not realize Autologin was not for when one logos out of the application.
Thanks for your help.


Bob Kenyon

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