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Aviation Merit Badge

Hi All,

I have a quick question, one of our new MB counselors is going to teach the Aviation MB and wanted to see if there was a requirement that scouts need to be at a certain rank, for e.g. can scouts who recently reached the scout rank, can they do this MB?

Not sure if there is something mentioned in pre-reqs, wanted to get feedback from others who may have taught the Aviation MB.


There are no Merit badges with rank pre-requisites.


There are no rank requirements, per se, to work on or earn merit badges. Some merit badges (e.g. First Aid) may require the scout to demonstrate the skills associated with one or more rank requirements, but that does not actually mean they have to hold the associated rank.

There might be other issues that impact the age at which a scout can perform some if the tasks, however. Some jurisdictions have restrictions on access to facilities or operation of liquid-fueled model aircraft.

Ron and Charlie are correct, though I want to add that some Scouts benefit more from a little age before tackling some merit badges. For example, my son tried to tackle Environmental Science at 14 and make almost no progress on it. Coming back to it at 16 he had a much easier time, both from being a little more mature, and having seen some of the content in his classwork in school


If he is teaching the material please make sure that the scouts are checked for ability to do requirements on a different night. No decent classroom teacher teaches a lesson and then quizzes during the same period. And, certainly, being explained to is no where near doing the explaining.
And, since you are doing this in a group please make sure that each scout does each part of each requirement. For Aviation there are 6 requirements where scouts need to explain something and 4 where they need to demonstrate something. One kid explaining does not count for everyone doing so. If there are 20 scouts then 20 scouts must do the explaining for each of those 6 requirements. .
One way to do this at a Troop meeting is to have parents man stations and have the scouts move from station to station so that each scout actually does each requirement. This actually works well.


This is a problem with most “merit badge days” or “merit badge universities”. It just doesn’t work.


Yeah, only way I’ve seen it work well was the stations.

In teaching having a gap between instruction and assessment is called Spaced Learning. It’s pretty much the best way to create long term memories.

I’ve only let my kid do about 4 MB days, but they were very special. One, for composite materials, was at the company run by one of the three who wrote the MB book. Huge place and they didn’t let parents take the tour. I wasn’t happy.


Thank you all so much for all your valuable input. This is so helpful…!


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