Awarded Checkbox Missing


I just had a volunteer contact me who is taking over as the Advancement Chair for her troop. She is still using the old Advancement Chair’s account at this time. The “Awarded” Checkbox she noticed between receiving instruction and when she went back in to update information has since disappeared. This is a problem as they have an upcoming Court of Honor on January 8th that they need this feature for.

Is there any scheduled maintenance or something I can tell her concerning this issue?


Chas Andrews

Awarded is not missing - SB is functioning properly - it more sounds like they are logging in with an account that does not have the correct access.

The account they are logging in with is marked as the Advancement Chair position in My.Scouting.

What is it marked in Scoutbook? What are the connections to Scouts? The foul proof way is to also be a unit admin in Scoutbook.

Hi Donovan,

The person says that the account is marked as having “full control” over each scout.

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What’s their bsa member number (no names needed)?

If the individual is logging in to Internet Advancement (as indicated by the forum to category you selected) they will not see an Awarded check box. The Awarded check box is only available in Scoutbook, not Internet Advancement.

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