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Awards earned are not showing up in the Cub Scout History Reports for any of the Cubs in my Pack

As the title says I was running history reports for our AOLs so we could make their Crossover Arrows and I noticed that none of their awards are showing on the reports. I ran reports for other Dens and the same. None of the Cubs in my Pack have their awards showing when I run the Cub History Reports.

Are the awards marked complete and approved in Scoutbook?

Yes they are and many of these are awards from previous ranks/years.

I’m seeing the same behavior. I’ll work with the developers to figure it out.

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Thank you it is greatly appreciated!

Just touching base here to see if there has been anything word on this. Still nothing showing on Awards when running individual Cub History Reports.

Until this issue gets fixed, I would recommend having a Pack Admin do an Export / Backup of the Advancement csv file. You can open the file up in a spreadsheet program like Excel, turn filters on to filter out individual requirements, and sort as needed to get the information you are looking for.


Thanks we’ll look into to doing that.

The fix is currently in testing. If we don’t find any bugs, we should see it soon.

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Try the History report again please

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YAY!! IT WORKS!!! (/^▽^)/

Thank you!!

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