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Awards On Scoutbook Glitch

My Scouts and Admins have discovered a glitch with Clicking on the Awards Link.
When going to a scout’s page and clicking (scout name)'s Awards then scrolling to any specific award It bounces them back to the home page of Scoutbook. Once we were able to see the requirements but when we tried to click it we were then bounced to the scoutbook home page.
Like I said this has happened when the individual scouts log in, adults and troop admins.
Anyone else find this happening? It this something that is being worked to correct? Are we doing something wrong?
Thank you for any help and guidance.

Lisa - I have not experienced that in my test just moments ago. You could try clearing browser cache.

Hi Lisa,

When you go to the [Scout]'s Membership page, what do you see under “Current Membership”? Do you see a current membership with a pack and a troop? If so, then put an end date on the pack membership.

Just did and still experiencing the same issue :frowning: Thank you for the help though

Pack membership has an end date for all my scouts in the troop (small troop easy to check them all)

On the [Scout]'s Membership page, is the Scout’s current membership with the troop approved (green shield with checkmark)?

Yes with the A with the red arrow around it

Lisa - have any of the scouts been moved around in patrols and have leadership positions. If you are on a scout page look under the picture area to be certain that it shows approved green check there as well.

Does this happen with any particular award?

Apparently there was nothing I could have done to fix it. Scoutbook peeps resolved the issue. I really appreciate the help you all gave!!!