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Back date the creation of a patrol?

Is it possible to change the start date of a patrol? I just set up the “old” patrols for my troop from when we used TroopTrack, and tomorrow I will move all the scouts into their new/current patrols. I did it this way so that we have the history of their old patrol. The problem is I created the old patrols just today and they were in their old patrols since early 2019. Is there anyway to change the start date to reflect the real time in the old patrol instead of just having Scoutbook show only 1 day? We’ve been in Scoutbook for months but never moved the scouts into patrols until now.

You can go to each Scout’s Membership page and change the Date Started with the patrol.

oh boy, thanks. It was completely NOT obvious that I had to hit the reassign button, then cancel, and then I could change the start date.

You shouldn’t need to click on the reassign button – just click on the Current Membership with the current patrol or the Past Membership with the old patrol and change the dates.

Ah, I did not realize that was click-able. All my scoutbook knowledge is with Cubs, so the troop features are challenging me. thanks again!

Should be similar to Cub Scout den membership, which is also clickable.

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