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Badges are disappearing on a youth in scoutbook

One of our youth is having merit badges disappear in Scoutbook but they are still in internet advancement. Help.

what MBs are disappearing? @RhondaHarvey

Ones that he had already earned.:disappointed:

it is hard to help if you do not say which ones?

There are 12 in AKELA - I have set a sync to get them in over night

One photo is what is in Scoutbook. The other is his badges in Internet Advancement.

We were told that it was going to be sinked another time and it did not work. Fingers crossed on this time!

now the IA pick is a great clue - as there are no dates - we will get it fixed @RhondaHarvey

Thank you so much @DonovanMcNeil!

Posting this here for storage - so it is safe

I saved it to my phone as well.

@DonovanMcNeil How is it going on this? I am assuming that I should not re enter the badges in Scoutbook?

I am waiting to hear back - but go ahead and re-enter if you want

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