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BALOO Training Proof

Is there a Shoulder Cord or a Badge or something to show that I am BALOO trained so I don’t have to keep a card on me?

I have never had anybody demand proof of training so that I needed to carry a card. I can whip out my phone and show my my.scouting Completions tab I guess. No there is no special uniform insignia.


the person asking (i presume a cubmaster or committee chair?) should be able to go online to my.scouting to check your training status and see what training you have. As far as I know you’re not required to carry your training cards, maybe with the exception of ypt?, If you’re concerned just take a photo of the training cards and keep them in an album on your phone. There is no cord to signify a trained leader. There is only the trained patch that goes below your leader position patch.

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There is a special hat only authorized for BALOO-trained leaders:


The only training card’s I’ve ever heard of needing are NCS camp and program school and Rangemaster cards.

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@JedWhite I should have known that since I carry my NCS card with me during camps :):smile:

Wouldn’t the “trained” patch signify the completion of it (as long as everything else was completed as well)?

I don’t believe BALOO is required for position-specific training of any unit positions. It’s just required that one or more people present for the duration of a pack camping event (i.e. continuous coverage, but not necessarily by the same person) be BALOO trained.


Yeah, I thought I had read that as one of the requirements but when I checked I didn’t see it listed as one.

I just completed BALOO and the instructor gave a badge to everyone, looks like it is Council specific.

BALOO patches appear to be council specific. Our northern NJ council gives them out but nearby greater NY does not. At our council roundtables from this past spring, it looks like the new definition of direct contact adults (Scoutmaster, Cubmaster and den leaders. For this year ASM are exempt for our council) to be listed and receive the TRAINED patch will be 1. YPT 2. Position Specific Training, 3. Hazardous weather training AND 4. BALOO/IOLS for cub and BSA respectively. In the discussion it was not stated that BALOO will automatically transfer into IOLS even though many of the courses will give both if you complete the online pre-training for BALOO (yes the cub scout BALOO requirement is greater than the BSA IOLS). There is no grandfathering due to experience nor testing out for IOLS when I was research the topic last month. IOLS is a council level training so a troop level course cannot be organized. There is some consternation among cubmasters in my area not being able to register for 2020 since all den leader must be BALOO trained to re-register the pack (according to our roundtable discussion). But good for you for completing the training. Have you thought about Wood Badge?

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  1. Direct-contact leaders: There is at least two definitions depending upon what you are looking at:
  • Who is required to take YPT.
  • Who is counted for JTE training objectives
  1. National BSA “encourages” completion ofbasic position-specific leader training. Councils may “require” certain (or all) positions or functional roles to have it.
  2. I suspect some councils may be currently focusing on getting leaders to complete (or renew) hazardous weather training before BALOO.
  3. Many BSA training courses are taught by volunteers who may of may not be available.
  4. By “BSA” I assume you are referring to the “Scouts BSA” program. “BSA” is the abbreviation for the corporation “Boy Scouts of America”.
  5. I suggest asking your district training chair about the possibility of doing a BALOO(s) sponsored by the district.
  6. My council is looking at ways to provide training at more local level. for courses that are poorly attended .
  7. Volunteer instructors are a limited resource. What are your Pack Trainers doing? I understand they are members of the district training committee and should be available to organize a district-level BALOO. Are they becoming trained to instruct a BALOO course? Taking the Fundamentals of Training and EDGE courses? (P.S. district committees and their operation subcommittees are part of the the council.)

No. You csn be a Tr as ined leader and not Baloo Trained. Also I think Baloo. Has different levels depending on Cub, Scouts, etc.

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BALOO is training for Cub Scout leaders. It does not have different levels. There is separate training for adult leaders in Scouts BSA called IOLS.

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there are not different levels of BALOO training. baloo is for cubs and Introduction to outdoor leader skills (IOLS) is for scouts BSA

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Yeah this is what I’m guessing as well. Thanks all for replying. I was just curious.

Councils cannot require more or less from a leader than the national requirements. In many councils IOLS is a district program, not a council one. but that does not matter. The council cannot require all Den leaders or cubmasters to be BALOO trained to reregister.It just means you cannot go camping and be covered by BSA insurance. If you could not register the pack would disappear and that would be a disaster for BSA. and the council cannot exempt ASMs as direct contact leaders. This is merely something to show how we have a large number of direct contact leaders who are trained for statistical purposes. All registered leaders need YPT.

There used to be a separate course for Webelos leaders for camping. A dumb idea that has been removed.

My understanding is that the training was so close to IOLS that they did away with OWLS:man_shrugging:

This isn’t consistent with practice around the country. Many councils, for example, require annual renewal of YPT, whereas nationally the requirement is expiration every 24 months. It may be true that the council has to get approval for their local policies from nationals, but I know that there are councils with more stringent requirements.