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Basketry Merit Badge - Requirement 3

My scout is trying to finish up his Basketry Merit Badge from 2019 Summer Camp. The last item he needs to finish is requirement 3. He completed weaving the campstool seat 3C. But when we looked at the requirements again, it states:
3. Plan and weave EACH of the following projects:
a. a square basket
b. a round basket
c. a campstool seat

Is this correct, that is, he needed to complete all 3 projects instead of 1 out of 3. It took him a lot of time and effort to finish the campstool seat. Other scouts in his troop was able to get this requirement signed off by just completing one of 3 projects. Can someone with experience shed light on whether requirement requires 1 of 3 or all 3 projects to be completed. Thanks

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I believe the requirement is clear. All 3 need to be done.

The requirements can be found at https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/Merit_Badge_ReqandRes/Basketry.pdf

Scoutshop sells all three as a package:

I remember doing the round basket 30+ years ago (might even still be in storage!), and I believe it did not take long to finish. Guessing the square basket would also be relatively easy.

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Thank you for the link. The kit looks a lot simpler than the campstool my scout weaved (also from the scout store). https://www.scoutshop.org/camp-stool-weaving-kit-17919.html

This is doable. Thanks again!

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