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Hi Folks - can I request that Be A Scout pins be updated so that the centroid of the community that is being searched for units be set to the geographic center of the community so that we get more reasonable search results? Right now it looks like the community center is the address of the post office building, which can be way off center from the town. People searching in 07052 wind up getting search results of units in other towns that might be close to the post office located near the edge of town. thanks!


This is not a Scoutbook issue. You will need to work this via your Council professional staff.

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Post offices are used as they are a known location. YOU may know the geographic center of your town, doesn’t mean anyone else does! Keep in mind, all they are entering is a zip code, not an address. From an address you can get lat & long - which then would allow for geographic related calculations.

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Hi Ron
I understand the reason to use the PO lat and long from a programming standpoint. Can the results be prioritized so that units in the same zip are shown first? Our zip based results show units in other towns first which frustrates our units. Thanks

Have all the units that don’t like the current system contact the local council and request that they submit an enhancement ticket for BeAScout.

It won’t happen otherwise.

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