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Belt loops & Patch for 2016 Lions

Our pack had 5 scouts go through the Lion Program in 2016-17 when it was in pilot phase. At the time, they received stickers & a diamond Lion patch. Now that the program is more mature, there are belt loops & the rectangular patch. Should the pack be providing the belt loops & patch to replace the stickers/diamond patch?

You should not expect your pack to provide them. Your dues were set according to expected costs. If your pack has a surplus of funds, they may choose to purchase them for you. My pack made it optional for the parents to purchase out of their own pocket. Personally, I only chose to purchase the Lion patch for my son since it goes on the uniform.

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Jacob, thanks for your reply. To be clear, not my kid, I’m asking in my role as advancement chair. I shared with one parent that the diamond Lion Patch will probably be a collectors item someday…

Fair enough. In that case, it sounds like a committee question. If you have a limited number of scouts who earned it, it may not cost much. As I mentioned, my pack isn’t paying for them since it wasn’t budgeted.

I do recall reading that former pilot-program Lions who earned the Lion diamond are entitled to wear the Lion rectangle on their uniforms. I do not recall reading that about the adventure loops. Since the requirements changed, it isn’t clear that pilot-program Lions earned the loops.

I realize they are just kids. I’m not saying that a pilot-program Lion graduate wearing Lion adventure loops on his or her belt is the wrong outcome. I’m just trying to figure out the book answer, which may or may not be the best action to take.

I do not remember major changes from the national Lions pilot program to the current program. From what I recall, it was mainly word changes to make the requirements more gender neutral. Lions in the national pilot program still earned the adventures, but they did not have belt loops at the time (only stickers). If they completed the adventure, then I see no reason why they can’t wear the belt loops. Belt loops are not restricted items, so parents can buy them if they want to.

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If I were on the committee I would go for a middle ground. I would provide the patch (and even present it at a pack meeting) so the kids can wear it. If a parent wants the belt loop, then allow the parent to buy it. (Though if possible I would allow the parent to pay the pack and pick it up on the next award run.)

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