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Belt Loops

When the Scouts earn belt loops, do they continue to wear them on their uniforms as they work on their next rank? We had our Lion Scout’s earned loops on and another parent said they needed to take them off. Their reason was they could only wear earned loops that corresponded to their current rank progress. At the same time, we saw some other Scouts with all their previous rank loops on. I’ve searched, but can’t quite find anything.

ETA: I’m only concerned with our kiddo at the moment. He finished Lion and is now a Tiger. So we’ve got a few more years until sashes and merit badges.

Thank you for the responses!

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Belt loops can be worn for the duration of the Scout’s Cub Scout tenure. There is no requirement that they be removed when the Scout moves up in rank.

If the Scout is a prolific adventure earner, the belt may run out of space for all the loops, but that is the only time any may need to be removed.


I’ve seen plenty of photos of Eagle Scouts wearing two MB sashes. Maybe it’s time to start the trend of Cubs wearing two belts :grin:

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My experience is that it’s hard to get the Cub to wear the belt in the first place… there’s no problem in wearing Tiger belt loops as a wolf or bear scout, but after a while they tend to stack up.


Now the BSA uniform policy is pretty clear that only 1 sash should be worn at a time. For example, you should not wear your OA sash with your merit badge sash.

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… and yet you can probably find 100 photos of proud Eagles with two sashes full of MBs and not a soul complaining about their achievements…

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What you find photos of, and what is proper according to the BSA guide to insignia are two very different things.

See Page 35, paragraph 2, sentence 1-2

"Scouts may wear only one merit badge sash
at a time. A merit badge sash is never worn on
the belt. "


BTW I’m not complaining about anybody’s achievements, I just want to see my fellow Eagle Scouts represent the rank and uniform correctly.


That’s fine, but you’re coming across a little humorless after a tongue-in-cheek comment, tho.

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I didn’t see your comment as tongue in cheek but rather as a suggestion that people wear two sashes which BSA explicitly forbids. If I see it that way, so to do others. Humor often does not come across well in written word. Once it is posted here it becomes pseudo-fact and I end up having to fight an uphill battle to explain to my scouts why they can’t wear two sashes in spite of what was posted in a forum. Those discussions are the bane of my existence and often leave with hurt feelings for the kids.


Let’s get this back on topic. If you want to discuss Scouts BSA uniforms, please move the discussion to the Scouts BSA category.

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Thank you @edavignon ! I was certain you could wear everything you had earned, but I wanted to double check. Appreciate the response!

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I don’t really expect him to want to wear his belt. He’s asked a few times to wear it, but after we brought it out. I figured we’d mainly wear it for special events, but that was where the belt loop question arose. Thanks for your help @PaulMcDonald!

He found a way to make them all fit on one sash! :yum:

My son’s belt is now full after lion, tiger, and wolf. I figured for bear we’ll take off the lion belt loops and for the “Baloo the Builder” adventure we’ll make a display for the belt loops!

I was also under the impression that when they switch to Webelos with the khaki/green uniform that the belt gets bigger and won’t fit the belt loops? Someone told me that, but I never verified it. Is that correct, are the green belts wider so the belt loops no longer fit?

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The Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet shows them wearing the navy blue belt. It looks like they can continue wearing their adventure belt loops, if they wish.

Yeah, the uniform is meant to be a symbol of recognition once a scout has earned a bealt loop/adventure pin/merit badges/etc. Now, when the scouts transition to the tan shirts from the blue shirts (optional for Webelos, mandatory for Scouts BSA), a switch in belt from blue to green is also required. The belt loops regrettably don’t fit on the green belt.

The above statement is incorrect. The blue shirt is no longer approved for Webelos. Per the most recent Webelos Uniform Inspection Sheet that @JenniferOlinger references, Webelos wear the tan shirt and blue belt with a Webelos buckle.

Then my Scout store was wrong.

The Webelos uniform inspection sheet does say "Official navy blue web belt cut to proper length with the Webelos insignia on the buckle. Cub Scout adventure loops are worn only on this belt. "

However, it also has two pictures of Webelo scouts. One is wearing the blue belt with the Webelos belt buckle and the other is wearing the Scouts BSA Belt:


Haha, so even the official uniform inspection sheet hasn’t made up it’s mind! That being said, I imagine the blue belt would look out of place with green pants… so just make sure to help them COMPLETELY cover the blue with belt loops so we don’t have to see it!