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Belt Loops

Webelos will still have the blue shoulder loops so a blue belt might not look so bad… Helps show that they are CUB scouts and not yet BSA (troop)


That’s true, good point!


Webelos Scouts Wearing Belt Loops

If the blue Cub Scout belt is worn by a Webelos Scout with the Scout tan/olive uniform, Cub Scout Adventure Loops may be worn.

Webelos Uniform Description

A description of the uniform is in “Your Webelos Uniform” in Webelos Cub Scout Handbook, 34754, © 2018 Boy Scouts of America, 2018 printing, Welcome, Webelos Scout! section, pp. 9-11,

It does not include the blue belt, but the Guide to Awards and Insignia (2018) authorizes wearing the Cub Scout blue belt or the Boy Scout belts.

Guide to Awards and Insignia (2018)

Guide to Awards and Insignia,.33066, ISBN 978-0-8395-3066-4, ©2018 Boy Scouts of America, 2018 Printing.

Cub Scout Adventure Loops and Pins

Cub Scout Insignia, p. 22

Adventure Loops, worn on navy blue Cub Scout belt only. The blue belt may be worn with the Webelos tan uniform (see page 14).
Adventure Pins, Webelos Scout, worn on the Webelos colors or on the Webelos cap.


Special Regulations, p. 14:

Cub Scouts wear the official Cub Scout navy blue web belt with metal buckle. Cub Scout adventure loops are worn only on the navy blue belt. Webelos Scouts also have the option of wearing the official Scout web belt with the metal Scout buckle.

Uniform Inspection Sheet

Webelos Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet, 510-750, Rev 4/18 (April 2018)

Belt. Official navy blue web belt cut to proper length with the Webelos insignia on the buckle. Cub Scout adventure loops are worn only on this belt.

Webelos Cub Scout Handbook

Webelos Cub Scout Handbook (2018), p. 9:

You may wear either the official Scout olive web belt or a leather belt with a Scout belt buckle.

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Who to ask

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I have not found any national policy pertaining to which belt loops may be worn. I recommend asking your Cubmaster what your council’s policy is pertaining to belt loops.The Cubmaster can ask the Unit Commissioner if necessary.

Uniform Inspections

The Cub Scout Leader Book (2018), p. 110, says that the Unit Commissioner (with help from others) is usually the one conducting the annual pack uniform inspection. The leader book says to use the BSA inspection sheet for both the pack inspection and more frequent den uniform inspections. The Tiger Scout, Wolf Scout and Bear Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet (May 2018) includes points for wearing the right belt and does not have a requirement pertaining to which belt loops are worn on the belt. The insignia item on the inspection sheet pertains badges on the shirt.

Uniform inspections are suppose to be done quickly, so if I was conducting the inspection I would not be checking which belt loops are being worn.

Excess Insignia

Guide to Awards and Insignia (2018) - Special Regulations, p. 11:

With the exception of the Cub Scout badges of rank, members wear only the insignia that show their present status in the movement. Members should make every effort to keep their uniforms neat and uncluttered.

Previously earned badges and insignia—not representing present status—make a fine display on a BSA red patch vest, on a trophy hide or blanket, exhibited in the home of the recipient, or at functions where such a display is invited. Scouts may wear only temporary patches (no badges of rank) on the back of the merit badge sash.


  • I agree with others in this discussion that Cub Scouts should be able to wear as many Cub Scouting Adventure loops on the blue belt that will fit.
  • “With the exception of the Cub Scout badges of rank, members wear only the insignia that show their present status in the movement.” - This is a statement about badges of rank…
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I love the Uniform Police (since we can’t use Nazi’s any more) - why not add a belt loop and when the loop is full pop them off.

There is nothing that says that the uniform has to look like they would be in a inspection with their Seargent Major.


@MattPrice - the uniform police are quite possibly one of the biggest problems I had with Scouts when I was a Scout and the same holds true as a leader now. Reading these comments here (both regarding the Cub Scout and Scout BSA uniforms) just drives me nuts. If the kid wants to show off their earned achievements, let them.


I have a Lion turned Tiger and a Bear turned Webelos 1.

After several years of figuring out the loops and patch logistics with the older, I came to the best plan for us is to remove past year awards so we can make room for current year awards.

The past year awards are going into a ‘display case’ and will have the opportunity to bring it to a younger den meeting sometime this year and tell the younger scouts about what they did.

We did this when my older was a Bear and younger was a Lion and the Lions loved hearing about all the cool things they’ll get to do in the coming years.

Feel free to leverage any of the experiences for yourself.

In my opinion, it is clear that a Cub Scout may wear any adventure loops s/he has earned at any level. This can be inferred with little effort from the statement that Webelos choosing to wear the blue belt may wear adventure loops. Since Webelos do not earn adventure loops, these can only be from previous grade levels. Common sense and logic dictate that if a Webelos Scout may wear Wolf adventure loops, a Bear Scout may do so as well.


I have an Overtrained Patch on my uniform. Not only that but an HTML and Klingon Interpreter Strip. I have a Amateur Radio strip and I have a woodbadge knot.

Oh, and to drive them batty - I have a Scoutmaster Emeritus patch on as well.

These folks are the ones who are at the 7 year old T-Ball game and getting into Barfights because the kids are having fun and learning play versus being professional T-Ball Players.

Oh wait - these are the same adults who believe that Marvel Movies need to be picked apart as to why Tony Stark sneezed and the crystal skulls played banjos.



You may not be aware, but you are not supposed to wear more than one interpreter strip at a time on your uniform.


This topic has served it purpose and is getting off the topic of belt loops (and belts). I suggest closing it.

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