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BeMEDWise & Scout Strong Healthy Unit

Are CubScouts eligible for the BeMEdWise award under the ScoutStrong program? It says it was developed for ages 11-17 but I thought it was a great topic for my wolf den and completed the program with them. It is never too early to start talking about medicine/drugs, especially with the prescription drug and opioid epidemic we are seeing in the US. I would like to award this to my kids as they did the work, completed the exercises and took the quizes.

We also completed the Scout Strong Healthy Unit Award. I don’t see either of these as award choices in Scoutbook. How do I sign them off on this?

Chris Haas
Wolf Den Leader
Pack 102

Hi Chris,

The BeMedWise Leader Manual says that it is for members of the Scouts BSA and Venturing programs (older Scouts). Also, it is not listed on this page:

So Cub Scouts are not eligible, but your pack could choose to get them some kind of fun patch, instead.

The SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award does not appear to be a restricted item, and I do not see an application form for it. Ask your Scout shop, but I think you can probably just go and purchase the patches after the requirements are completed.

I had a den finish the Scout Strong Healthy Unit Award and I just purchased the patch at the scout shop, nothing required.

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Thank you for the feedback. I went into BeMedWise knowing they were potentially not eligible but still thought it was a good topic to teach. As for Scout Strong, it may be time for BSA to update ScoutBook to reflect this as an option.

Unit awards are not currently supported in Scoutbook. I do not know if they will be added, but if so, it will likely be after all individual youth awards are supported.

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