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How do I log Bicycle trips and mileage in Scoutbook?

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The logs have not (yet!) been expanded to capture other items than hiking, camping and service. My understanding from posts by SUAC members is that expansion of the logs to include other activities (e.g. cycling, boating, swimming) is in the backlog somewhere.

If it’s for Bicycling MB, I would probably log it as a comment directly under the relevant requirements in the MB. You could use that comment as an interim log pending implementation of the “real” logs.


In addition to Charley’s suggestion, you could use the hiking log and prefix each entry with Bicycle:


Another option would be to record the miles under the award they go with. This will keep the hiking log from getting out of hand.


Yeah, this is what I’ve been doing but I like the idea of prefixing bicycle ones in the activity log. The only downside is ensuring that everyone with access to the logs follows the same process.

That would screw up hiking MB tracking because I believe scoutbook pulls from that log for hikes that have already been completed prior to work on the merit badge.

Scoutbook does not pull from logs for any MB. It has to be marked complete by a Scout or leader.

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That’s what we’ve been doing. Make the title of the activity in the log “Bike Hike” or “Canoe Hike” so you can find them pretty easily later.


Like everyone else, document elsewhere. We instruct the Scouts that the true hard copy of the work/achievements is the Scout Handbook, It won’t crash or update and lose information. As a back up, we log the riding miles in the “National Outdoor Achievement Award (Riding) Requirements” notepad and comments. We have scouts working on this award. The leaders will duplicate the info from the individual Scouts’ handbooks. We still use Blue Cards too.

Since rank advancement allows a 10 mile bike hike vs. a 5 mile hike, we enter the bike hikes at 1/2 the length, note it is a bike hike, and put in the notes the length. If it formally supports bike miles in the future, we have captured the data.

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I like that idea and will incorporate the bike and canoeing into 1/2 lengths but note below the actual miles for future records. I will also ask ScoutBook for more activities in that area. Ultimately that would be the perfect fix.

Mark Zorick

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