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Birthday missing from Adult profile, can not add new scout as a result

I have had an account for 3-4 years. I went to add my youngest son and I am unable too since my birthdate is blank and locked (can not edit). I was told I have two profiles and that they were merged and it should work now. However, it still does the same thing. When I log into My.scouting.org and check my profile the date of birth is blank and says “Invalid date”. I can not get past the guardian information page when adding a new scout because of this. Who has the ability to edit this locked field?

if your DOB in SB is correct - it should be fixed now @GaryRahe

Looks like everything is going through now. Thanks!!

I came here to find a solution to this exact same problem.

I too can’t register my youngest child because my adult profile has an “invalid date” as a birthday. How do I fix it?

Council can fix this for those wondering - but @BrentWilson1 I will look at yours as well

@BrentWilson1 you need to call your council to have them add the DOB

okay. Thank you for checking.

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