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Bizarre Email from BSA

I am confused by this email I received as I registered over a year ago.I only have one email. I deleted my user name and the link that claims I have to provide a unique email for security reasons. I was able to log into the forum and post this post. Does anyone know if this is a scam, real, or a mistake?

You have successfully registered with Scoutbook forums as:

User Name: ****

Although you may participate in forum discussions, you will not be able to receive notification until you update your email to be used for the forums notifications. We could not use your email associated with your Scoutbook account since it is already in use in forums.

Please follow this link to provide an alternative unique email:


If you have any issues with updating your email address, let us know by calling Member Care Monday through Friday, 7 am-7 pm Central at 972-580-2489 or by emailing myscouting@scouting.org.

It looks legitimate. Maybe a glitch?

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