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Blue Card procedure

I have a question about the Application portion of the Blue Cards. The Applicant portion and Counselor portion are obvious, however, the Application portion goes to who? We have always turned in that portion with our advancement report to the local Scout office. The lady there said that there are a few troops who don’t turn that portion in and she was surprised that they don’t. But then I read in a forum here that there is a Unit portion that should be kept. The only concrete direction I found was on the card itself and it instructs the Scout to turn the Application portion in to the unit leader for reporting. That didn’t help at all because it could still mean that the unit leader turns it in to the Council or it could mean that he/she records it in Scoutbook and keeps the Application. As the new Advancement Chair what do I officially do with that portion?

It is for unit records - in case a scout loses their portion

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@StacyPrice - the unit portion in our troop is provided by the scout to the Advancement Chair who then records it. The council does not ever get them. They receive the unit advancement report which lists them.

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I went in to our district office today and there were all the district’s advancement reports with blue cards attached to all of them. For the units to keep them is odd in our area but I think I will.

What dates do you guys use for recorded and awarded? It’s another vague thing that I can’t get a straight answer on. I’ve been using recorded for the date the counselor signed off and awarded as the date they were presented the badge itself.

Sorry, I meant to say “presented” not “awarded”. The lady in the Scout store said most people use the date the counselor approved it as the presented date.

Presented sure sounds like the date you give them the badge.

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For “Checked and recorded”: that is the date that our Advancement Chair checks the blue card and records the merit badge in Scoutbook.

For “Certificate and badge presented”: we use the date of the court of honor, which is when we present the pocket certificate and sometimes the merit badge itself (usually the Scout has already been presented with the merit badge, because we try to present the merit badge soon after it has been earned).

We keep the unit copy with the troop advancement coordinator records. question when our scouts go to summer camp and get a partial (complete 7 of 9 requirements for example) can we document in scoutbook what requirements they completed with note “completed at summer camp”, we would like to do this so we, parents and scouts have visibility of wha/t the scout has left to complete and it is documented in case blue card gets post or misplaced

Yes. It might also be a good idea to have someone take a pic of the blue card and upload the pic in the merit badge’s “Notepad & Comments” section (at the bottom of the merit badge’s requirements).

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