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Blue cards for Summer Camp?

Wise fellow Scouters -
With 27 boys headed to camp and 100+ badges planned, I’m wondering how folks load the data into Scoutbook? I know that I can print the blue cards, but do I need to manually open each Scout >>Advancement >> Start Merit Badge >> Unit Leader Signature (date), then >>Start another merit badge?
I have used the Quick Entry for marking MBs as complete - is there a similar feature for Starting Merit Badges?
Note: I understand the reason scouts go through the process on a normal basis - I am not proposing we displace the process of Unit Leader signatures overall. But it is unreasonable to think that the SM is going to have 100+ conversations with boys about what they will work on during camp. What we have done is a troop is to have the SM review the troop-level registrations and speak to any boys with whom he has a concern.
Would love to hear how others have handled this before I buckle down for hours of data entry for badge registration.
Thanks in advance!

You can use the volunteer written and supportedFeature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox to attach MBs to multiple Scout profiles and set the initial leader signature. Keep in mind that whomever sets the initial leader signature box will be the printing on the Blue Card.

In my troop, we do not print Blue Cards from Scoutbook. The first day of summer camp, the Scoutmaster sits at the picnic table and signs a stack of Blue Cards. The other leaders write our troop number and campsite at the top of the card. When we pass out the cards, we tell the Scouts to fill them out before leaving for their MBs.

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So there are camps that still use the cards? I ask because we have only been to camp three times. But none of them have used a SM signed blue card. One had a report to SM could print. One had their own forms they gave. And the last printed out the cards at the end and I could sign them AFTER camp was over.

Maybe soon we will wake up and realize that we have better ways.

Yes, Northern Star Council camps still use Blue Cards. The Scouts are required to come to the MB class with a signed Blue Card that the staff keeps until later in the week when they are either signed by the MBC as a completed MB or returned as a partial. They are returned to the SM at an evening MB progress review session.

Did you ever receive an answer? I’m getting ready to leave for summer camp also, and we have over 50 campers, each taking 4-6 merit badges. I’m trying to figure out a way to quickly add their earned merit badges into scoutbook without having to individually go through each scout’s name and click on every single merit badge.

Jennifer - there is a quick entry for merit badges and also merit badge requirements. I think you should also look into using the feature assistant extension as there are additional handy aids to data entry.

I used the Start Merit Badge tab under Quick Entry for the first time last week. It was a breeze. Pro tips:

  1. I did one scout at a time. (The alternative is to enter all scouts doing a given badge.) By adding by scout, I was confident I didn’t miss anything.
  2. Unit leader signature, you’ll be asked to enter the start date for each scout. I copied it after typing it once, and used Control-V to paste to each new scout.
  3. You can print all blue cards together at the end. No need to do scout-by-scout.
  4. I used the first day of camp as the date for the Unit Leader signature. This meant that my name (as Adv Chair) was printed on each card. If you prefer the scoutmaster sign card individually, just leave this field blank.
    Good luck! So much easier this year than in the past!
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