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Blue Cards quick entry procedure

I am interested in a quick entry to approve a 10 blue cards at a time for Scouts who finished an online MB course with our troop. I would like to approve remotely for all the scouts at the same time, since no personal interaction can take place.

Need the process explained.

Are you a Troop Admin? Are the Scouts in your troop or a different troop?


The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox adds this capability. See Feature Assistant - What is it? for details on what it can do and how to install it.

I am a scoutmaster and admin.

Are the Scouts in your troop? Or a different troop?

If they are in a different troop, then you need to be connected to them as a Merit Badge Counselor for the particular merit badge. After you are connected as a MBC for a particular merit badge, you will see something like this under My Connections:

MBC connection to Scouts outside of troop

Then you can use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook as suggested by @edavignon . It has a “Quick Entry for MB Counselors” feature which is very nice.

They are all in my Troop. A second Party is the MB counselor.

OK, so you can connect your Scouts to the outside Merit Badge Counselor for that particular merit badge. and with View Profile permissions. After the MBC connects to the Scouts, the MBC can use the Feature Assistant Extension for Quick Entry.

If the MBC is not using Scoutbook, you can just go to your main troop page in Scoutbook, then click on:

Quick Entry ->Enter Merit Badges
Quick Entry -> Enter Merit Badge Reqs.

Doesn’t do 10 at a time but it’s a pdf of a blue card you could fill in once & save as a template then change the name and save a unique copy for each scout. We’re working with these electronic blue cards so we don’t move anything physical around. 20200329 T76 BLUE-CARD_PDF 3.pdf (171.8 KB)

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