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Board of Review signatures

We will be conducting our first virtual Board of Review either this week or next depending on the scout finishing up his last two requirements.
My question is how do we obtain the three signatures on the unit advancement report from the troop committee?
Thank you and stay safe

If you download the Advancement Report form, you can sign using digital signatures.

Thank you Jennifer.

Is this the advancement form from Scoutbook or the advancement form we can get from the National forms site?

Thanks again.


I mean the Unit Advancement Report that you can get from the Scouting Forms from the National Council site.

BSA Guide to Advancement Electronic Advancement Miscellany.


Q: Are electronic or digital signatures acceptable for rank advancement or for the Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster packets/applications?

Yes. Electronic or digital signatures will be accepted through September 30, 2020.

Thank you Jennifer.

That is what I was thinking. Have a great week and stay safe.


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Why are you not using scoutbook.com to report advancements?

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We are using scoutbook but we still need the three committee signatures. Correct?


Contact your Council and ask if they need BOR signatures. My Council has not required any BOR signatures since sometime before the BSA purchased Scoutbook.


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