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Boatswain Mate patch

Does anyone know where I can find the Boatswain Mate patch for the new century uniform? I’ve looked on Scout Shop and Ship’s Store but neither have this patch. Scout Shop has the Boatswain and Yeoman patches that we need, but not the Boatswain Mate.

621903-Emb Sea Sct Boatswain Mate $2.59 is still listed by BSA Supply Group but it’s absolutely not on Scoutshop.

It looks like one has to farm it out to a licensed third party supplier.

I learned something today and confirmed something else.

Today I learned a Sea Scout can download a manual at no charge.

Today I confirmed that BSA continues to treat Venturing and to a greater extent, Sea Scouts as if they were the proverbial bastard stepchildren. Scoutbook support for those two programs is…poor.

They should either get behind a program and support it, or dump it. I say get behind them.

And yes, I’m aware of the Churchill plan and it’s implications for those two programs.

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I didn’t get a resolution until the previous post closed, so apologize for the new thread.

I chatted with Scout Shop and they confirmed the patch was not available on the online store. Danielle said I should call customer support at 800-323-0736 and they would be able to place the order. I immediately called the number, and Danielle answered! I said, wasn’t I just chatting with you and she confirmed I was.

So while the patch is not on the online store, and apparently you can’t provide the information via chat, you CAN call the 800 number and they will process it for you.

I like to buy the patches for our new officers each year so here are the SKUs in case you are interested.
Sea Scouts Boatswain Emblem |621904|
Sea Scouts Boatswain Mate Emblem |621903|
Sea Scouts Yeoman Emblem |621901|

Thanks to Christopher from the previous post for spurring me on to find a resolution.


I don’t understand. They are there for me.

Hi Matt, I can find the Boatswain and Yeoman, I just couldn’t find the Boatswain Mate patch. That was the one I had to call about but I posted the SKU for all three.

Ah! Did they say why they wouldn’t add it to the website? The have the council, area, and region patches, but not something very common? It makes no sense.

Enjoy those spurs, cowboy.

Here is the link for the Boatswain Mate Patch: https://www.scoutshop.org/sea-scouts-boatswain-mate-emblem-621903.html