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BOR Tenderfoot-Life question

Hello! I am Advancement Chair and organize the BOR’s for our scouts. We are a relatively small troop with a limited number of committee members available for BOR’s. Over the past 6 months I’ve been trying to build a pool of parents to assist with BORs. The Guide to Advancement says the preferred makeup of the BOR should be committee members and YPT trained and using someone who is not familiar with the program should be the exception. So as I’ve been building a BOR team and as BOR’s come up, I have put 2 experienced BOR interviewers and one non-committee parent to assist so they can build experience. Would ya’ll consider this acceptable and keeping with the guidelines?

we are a larger troop - but we try to pull in one new parent for EVERY BOR - it is a soft entry to them for helping and participating in the process, as well as giving them insight into what their scout is experiencing.

This PDF is also one we worked up to transition the troop to more appropriate BOR’s as well as making it more comfortable for those that had never done one before.

BOR Sheets.pdf (44.6 KB)


Thank you for your reply and the PDF!

Hi, Holly,

Personally, I would look at this as an opportunity to encourage more of the parents to complete YPT, and possibly even use the boards themselves to make the parents more familiar with the program. Ask the scouts to describe what they most enjoy about the program. Ask them what the troop could do better.

Ask them how well the advancement program is working for them, and what the youth and adult leaders can do to improve that program. Ask the more senior scouts what they think they could do to help the more junior ones. I suspect most parents will catch on pretty quickly.

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Great points! Thank you!

Here is a good reference on the Board of Review

The Boy Scout board of review, a guide to getting started


Thank you for the helpful link. Good info!

I guess my follow-up is: Are people who help with BORs considered volunteers. Our troop is clear that ALL Volunteers must have YPT (plus the one our church requires). Since Guide to Advancement says YPT is “preferred”, I didn’t consider this to be volunteer position.

I think the safest answer is yes they need YPT. BUT, maybe make the majority of the board (2) YPT, with 1 that is not.

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I would encourage you to keep doing what you are doing, even as your troop grows. It is always good to get some outside perspective on a board, and what better way to get parents involved in scouting.

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Sounds great to me, though getting more registered leaders is a great idea with the current YPT rules. I am seriously thinking of putting forth the idea that troop dues go up and cover one parent registration as well. This would decrease the pressure from the two registered adult rule.

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See if some of the parents are willing to register as Merit Badge Counselors, even if they’re only willing to work with the troop. It would make them “registered adult leaders”, get them YPT-current, and help out the unit at an intermittent level of commitment to which they may be more receptive than if they had a committee or ASM position. Some folks see committee and ASM roles as significant time sinks. Being an MBC is pretty low frequency demand in most cases.

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In our troop, we state that anyone who will go on an outing with the scouts needs YPT.
As others have said (and sounds like you do), we include at least one experienced BOR person, and try to get 1-2 new ones on every board. We do NOT require YPT for these individuals.
I impress on all parents that they have a responsibility to serve, so that other parents will serve when it their son’s (or now daughter’s) turn to be reviewed.

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