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Boy and Girl Troop Sharing Unit Number

The organization that I belong to has just started a girl Troop in December. Against our wishes, we were forced to change the 1 to 9 on the unit number for the girl Troop.

It is my understanding that they can be linked with the same number, but our Council chose to go a different route.

To satisfy us, we were informed that it would be okay to still use the organization number that belongs to our Pack and boy Troop on the uniform and branded Class B materials. So we did just that.

Now we are being told that we must stop doing so and represent the 9 instead of the 1 because our Council doesn’t want any confusion that they are one unit (boys and girls) because of the sex abuse litigation.

We spent a lot of money on materials and the girls feel as if they belong to our larger organization. We feel that the change will take that away from them. Not to mention that National policy is to have them linked.


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We have the same number, ( ironically we just use the last two numbers-on the shirts to safe mony for both troops) don’t she there reason there will be a time at a district camp or summer camp that you will run into different troops with the same number. It’s still not a clear message from coucil to coucil and how the girls troops in relationship to the boys are treated. The camp we went to last year in our coucil really didn’t like how closely we worked together ( we shared a campsight) it made for arcwood moments at the dining hall our kids were told it wasn’t proper to sit together. ( they changed that for this summer but our kids decided to go out of coucil) mater of fact just went to there pre camp meeting today I asked about thre policy they blinked and said we are assigned tables by the camp sight our kids can sit were they want. Yes we have two troops two scoutmasters, but we do ativties together. When our towns people see our scouts in the community they are not looking at their shoulders they are seeing scouts from eagle grove.

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Our boy and girl troops share the same numbers. The troops are under the same troop committee. There is 1 head scoutmaster each for the boy troop and the girl troop. The scouts from both troops wear the same activity shirts, and use similar camp gear. Both troops are run the same because it was important to the scoutmaster for the girl’s troop to hold everyone to the same standards and expectations.

For advertising purposes, we list that there are two troops. For example, Troop 123 for Boys and Troop 123 for Girls.


My council officially uses 4 digit unit numbers starting with 3 or 9 for male troops and 5 or 7 for female troops. Most male troops in the council only use the last 3 digits. When I started the female troop last February, I gave the Scouts the choice of wearing the 7 or leaving it off. They chose to keep the 7 because they wanted to show they were not the same troop as their linked male troop.

Linked troop does not require the same unit number. My son’s and daughters troops are linked but have different numbers. Linked only means they have the same Charter Org and share some adult leaders.

Councils are permitted to set their own standards in many areas. I suspect the number worn on the uniform is one area they are allowed to set policy.

Family Scouting FAQ

Family Scouting Questions and Answers”, Updated February 11, 2019

Q: Can linked troops share troop numbers? If so, how do we tell them apart?

Yes, they can share troop numbers. Starting in February (2019), the unit designation feature will enable councils to designate and identify which units are all-boy, all-girl, or family packs with boy and girl dens. This feature will also help councils differentiate between boy troops and girl troops that are chartered to the same organization and have the same unit number. In addition, the unit search feature in ScoutNET and the District Totals Report will be enhanced to include the unit designation.

Registration Guidebook 2019

Registration Guidebook of the BSA, 2019, p. 18

Unit Numbers

Unit numbers are assigned and approved by the council.

If a unit drops and does not recharter, the unit number should be reserved for a minimum of one year unless the chartered organization provides a statement thereby releasing the unit number, tenure, and all remaining funds and property. See page 20 for Unit Assets Transfer.

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First, in nationals system all units have four numbers. Further, in some councils it isn’t uncommon for units not using all four digits to have something other than 0 in that leading position. (They are really numeric strings, but that is another rant.)

I think it is time to push back against your council. I would point to the national guidance that boy and girl units can share a number. I would also be inclined to try and involve national before giving ground.

As a note, all units also have a “B” or a “G” attached to them as well. Your council is suffering from the amateur lawyer problem.


That is exactly what our stance is. We were only told this last week are waiting for a call to discuss next steps. Thank you for your insight.

I’d be willing to bet there are troops in your council that wear the same number on their shoulder even if they don’t have the same four digits. How many Troop 1s do you think there are?

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Just an FYI. The B & G are only for “database use” and shouldn’t “grow” beyond there. The letters don’t appear on flags, uniform numbers, etc.

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Agreed, but we are just trying to get the same number on the uniforms.

I don’t know if this was said or not yet (or if it would upset your council), but I known of units that drop the “prefixes” and have pack 22, girl troop 22, boy troop 22, and crew 22 even though database wise they are 4222, 1222, 6023, and 9022. They have
flags and patches that are just 22.


That is kind of what we’re trying to do.

We want to drop the 9 and add a 1. They don’t want the numbers to be the same because they are afraid that people will think that we are one unit. Even though we are doing everything right.

This made me rethink this a little. Does the male troop wear 4 digits on their shoulder?

It is 4 digits for both.

So, your official number is 9XXX, but you want to advertise and wear 1XXX? I had previously assumed that you just wanted to wear XXX. That is a significantly different scenario in my mind, and I would probably side with your council on this.


Who is giving you a hard time? I would escalate the issue if it was me. BSA put forth that Boys and Girls troops could share numbers. Your council is trying to change the program for some reason. I doubt they are authorized for these changes.

The matter has been solved! We not only are able to keep the branding and uniforms the same, we are now permitted to change the number on the Charter! Thank you all for your insight!


Grand Canyon Council’s approach was to give the girls troop a 3000 number for example Boys Troop 23 would have the counterpart girls Troop 3023. Both are 23.

These kind of solutions make programmer’s hair go grey. BSA provided the solution and both should have the number 0023 with the designator in the appropriate spot. This makes it easier when someone goes to beascout.org and puts out the correct information. The only time something like that would be appropriate is if the council has multiple troop 23 that are the same gender. But they just traded the ability of some troop to now be 3023 (which may be the favorite number of someone wanting to start a troop).

There are all kinds of reasons numbers are chosen. And some troops want to have four digits.

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Yeah, it’s a little odd but that’s what GCC did.