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Boy Scout Handbook Versions

My son has been in BSA since 2014. He is preparing his Eagle application. What version of the Boy Scout Handbook does he need to use for sign offs for Eagle rank? This seems to be a point of confusion among leaders. He still has the Boy Scout Handbook that was issued by the Troop in 2014. We did update the Star and Life Rank requirements page at some point, copied from a new version. Thank you.

The Handbook doesn’t really matter (you don’t need to go buy a new one), but he needs to be using the current requirements.

There are updated sign off pages at the following link (scroll down, second from bottom left):

Scouts BSA Rank Requirements

The requirements should match up with the most current version of the Eagle Scout rank requirements as listed on the Eagle Scout Rank Application:


You can also access the Eagle Scout rank application form in Scoutbook. It is a pre-filled, but editable pdf form.


Thank you Jennifer, very helpful as always.
Best Regards -Dan

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