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Boy Scouts lose thousands of returnables to a thief

Collecting bottles and cans , holding them while stores are closed, and then returning them when stores open again seems like an easy fundraiser. My sons’ troop is trying that one too. But here’s a news story of a troop that got burned: someone stole their cans, about $1500 worth.

That is a risk, we probably have halve that at the moment, who other took them is taking a big risk, because of the volume we do they just can’t take them to s store it would have to a redemption center, even then ( pre virus we average 3 to 5 hundrend dollers a month) and haul them in full cargo trailers but still have to call ahead to make sure they can take a load. I can see maybe getting by with one load but witch would be about 300 dollers worth. Plus it depends how their scouts were storing them were they sorted or in bags or box’s waiting to be shorted again most redemption centers in my state what you to have the cans/bottles preshorted ( into different bags) if you take in a large volume. They would have to store them on there own property and it takes a crew of kids to presort.

Just s note how we are doing during the viris, we are only collecting on the weekends ( have a can trailer people come to us) only adults are involved we set up large box’s in the traler people empty their bags take home bags there is no contact with the cans or bottles, we keep the box’s in a shed ( but it takes a fork lift or 4 men to lift from the traler, we will not have the kids touch them ( put them in bags supply to us by the redemption center untill September) if needed we will continue to let cans sit for at least 30 days before touching them, we also Willy stressed that they all need to be washed out before they drop them off to us. If you have the space it is a good fundraiser expleey if you do year round ( people get used to taking your cans to you instead of the store) the kids get involved doing the shorting ( if conditions alow we have been doing for several years last year previris it funded our cub scouts, two troops ( merit badge college, food for campouts, the troops charter fees for each scout) only then the kids paid for was part of cost for summer camp.

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