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Boys and girls den with same den leader and meeting at the same time?


The point was these Marines were not registered with BSA. The Marines had completed YPT, and were manning one of numerous stations, at an open to all US Military beach. There are no way that BSA rules can apply to those who are not registered.

Honestly nearly the whole tiger den in my pack are in the same class in school (boys and girls) We don’t require them to meet separately because that just seems excessive. They spend all day in a classroom type environment only to be told it cant happen during scouts.

I agree with you. Somebody in my pack complained that my tiger daughter was a distraction to his son. We are the lone tiger and I am the assistant cubmaster but can’t meet with the other tigers so that we don’t offend anybody.

It’s not your problem – nor your daughter’s problem – that someone else is distractable. At risk of getting on my soapbox, that’s treating your daughter like a decoration, not a person.

While I agree (god knows girls in BSA is my passion as the founder of my district’s only girl’s troop), multigender dens are technically not in compliance with BSA policy. The incoming CM supports us (he is my ASM in the girl’s troop, and a good friend) but it is an uphill battle.

Because we all know that, absent females, we guys stay on task with laser foc… Squirrel!


Wow, I would have a hard time with that one. Hopefully the realization that his son needs scouting (badly) would override my urge to tell dad just how badly his son needs scouting.

If I believed that a Cub Scout aged child was in fact distracted by the daughter I would likely report the situation to CPS. I don’t believe that kids that age have natural urges. And that comes from many years of working with kids and confirmed having spoken with former investigators for CPS.

I would be distracted if a woman walked into the men’s restroom because I grew up being told that women don’t belong in the men’s room.

If the kid was, in fact, distracted, the I suspect it was because he was being told that girls don’t belong in cub scouts. More likely, the father doesn’t want to loose his last perceived bastion of misogyny.

Okay, let’s all lighten up, please … for starters:

Yes, kids cub-scout age can be smitten by the opposite sex absent any exposure to the multimedia hyper-sexualization that surrounds our little post-modern nomads. It has little to do with parenting. It does have something to “novelty of other”.

Or, it could be that your daughter is really nice, and this kid wants her attention … or the other way around. Really nice scouts of the same sex can also distract one another. But, there’s often no visible distinction that we can hang on. When there is, some parents will hang on it, and it will be sex, class, religion, politics, you name it.

As a crew advisor, I’ve had several run-ins with the type. But, as we raised our kids together, I came to respect them as great people for my Sons and Daughter to know.

We’re all growing. Some differently than others.

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Lighten up if you like. It isn’t your daughter being discriminated against. I suspect that you have sons and this isn’t personal to you.

As a pediatrician who specializes in developmental pediatrics and adolescent medicine, I can assure you that 7 year olds don’t normally have sexual urges. If that is the case then, as kirk said, there is something very wrong.

and this is closed. All points have been heard. It is complex we will all agree

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