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With the integration of girls into Scouts BSA, are there any changes coming to the Boy’s Life publication (ie title change)? Will there be a separate publication for female participants? Any info is appreciated.


Best folks to ask are probably the subscription department:

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The latest youth application form changed “Boys’ Life” to “Scout Life”. It’s possible a change is in the works but I have not seen anything official.


Scout Life is what they want to go to but there are 2 issues.

  1. The don’t want Girl Scouts to sue over the user of Scouts
  2. They do not own scoutlife.org - some private individual has it holding it for $20K last I looked.

BSA does own Scoutinglife.org which is what I figured they were going to


A really bad move IMHO, discarding a brand.

but sexist to keep the brand. My female scouts hate getting Boy’s Life. Each month I hear, but I’m not a boy.

And the female Venturers I know that get Boys’ Life don’t care what the title is.

But the ventures are a little bit older and probably more comfortable in their places in the world. My female scouts are all 11 and 12 years old, and my 7 year old daughter refuses to read a boy’s magazine.

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That’s funny. My 8-year-old reads more of Boys Life than my son does…Different strokes, I guess. :laughing:

Girls have been reading Boy’s Life (and Pedro was replying to them) for nearly a half-century, if not longer.
There are magazines with gender-neutral that give young women far lower expectations of themselves.

What would be insanely cool: Boy’s Life on one cover Girl’s Life on the opposite cover, flipped … opposite sides of the same coin.


Still waiting for Nun’s Life



@BrandonPowell, I read every issue of Boys’ Life cover to cover. In the Hitchin’ Rack, Pedro has been hinting about a name change. He usually does this in response to a letter from a Scout directly asking about the name of the magazine. Pedro has been noncommittal and vague.

According to page 14 of the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, the name of the magazine has already been changed to Scout Life. The new name just hasn’t made its way to the masthead year. In 2019, there were promotional copies of Scout Life (printed as small booklets) available.

I think the litigation with the Girl Scouts of the USA is a reason for the delay, since GSUSA objects to, among other things, the BSA’s use of the word Scout without “boy” in front of it.


I seem to recall seeing something about early feedback encouraging them to NOT change it quickly. But I could well be wrong. And you know how getting opinions goes…

Always have to be careful fiddling with well-known trademarks, though. Everyone recognizes Boy’s Life, you have to balance losing that name recognition with the potential benefits of another title.

I find it odd girls are complaining about a magazine called boys life, yet they chose to join boy scouts over girl scouts.

I find it odd that people are complaining that girls – strike that – young women have the opportunity to fully participate in an excellent youth leadership development program.


There is no such program called boy scouts. The girls, and your son joined a program called Scouts BSA. Therein lies the problem


To be fair, my son joined the Boy Scouts. The BSA changed the program name after he joined. Not that he is complaining. Just the situation.

But the girls never joined a program called the Boy Scouts. Furthermore, your son chose to recharter last year with a program called Scouts BSA. That was his choice. there is no longer a program called The Boy Scouts.


You are right. And you have every right to maintain an attitude that will push away your advocates and further alienate those who are the real problem. As much as I don’t like some people’s attitudes towards girls in the program I realize that the organization actually needs to keep a number of them right now. I also realize that time is the ally of change.

In the end you should realize that nobody here has the power to change the name. Meanwhile you could rip the cover off the magazine and put a new one on labeled in a manner that pleases your daughters.