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Bringing over a Cub to Boy Scouts

Two part question. If a scout is in Cub Scouts and I want to pull him over to Boy Scouts, do I reach out to the Cub Master and ask to be connected to the scout so I can pull him over? If he isn’t in Scoutbook, how can I add him to our troop during this CoVid time? Last time I added new scouts to Scoutbook, after I turned in the paperwork to council, council added them too and it was frustrating trying to figure out which profile to use. In the end I had to call National to have the second profile removed.

Normally, I would recommend submitting the transfer youth application to your council. About 24-48 hours after it is processed by council, the Scout will show up on your Member Manager roster at my.scouting.org and also in Scoutbook. Ask your council Registrar, but many of them will process a youth application via e-mail as long as all of the required information and signatures are there.

Outside of that, you can ask the Cubmaster or a parent to connect you to the Scout with Full Control permissions. Alternatively, you can use Scoutbook’s “Transfer In Scout” button on the Troop Roster page to transfer the Scout into your troop. In order to use this process, you will need the Scout’s BSA ID number, last name, zip code, and date of birth. Please note that these methods will not change your official troop roster - you will still need to submit a youth application to your council.

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