Brother erroneously listed as parent


We have a military Scout who just transferred in to our troop. The brother is erroneously listed as the parent. All in the information is correct for the MOTHER except the name. The mother’s account has no information and is not connected.

Can you change the name of the brother to the mother? And possibly delete the account that lists the mother?

Scout: #140254699

Brother (also in our troop): # 140381065

Fathers name begins with an M
Mothers name begins with a K

Their addresses are incorrect but emails are correct. I can give them instructions to change their home addresses

Becky Clark
NCAC Troop 1965 B

Let me take a look for you @RebeccaClark

@RebeccaClark that was messy but I think it is all fixed now - please take a look

Thanks Donovan! I’ll have the mom see if she can log in to my.scouting and add her email address

You’re the best!

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