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BSA Brand Center question

I found the NEW BSA Brand Center flyers.
My question is how do you add your troops information? We are doing a Popcorn Show and Sell next weekend and I would like to add this to our table. Thank you, stay safe.

@JohnBurnham - there was at one point a check box on the left hand box for editable files.

I upload them to Canva and make changes or make my own using the Brand Center graphics and photos.

Check with your council’s Popcorn Kernel or council fundraising committee. Councils often create their own flyers.

Where (URL) did you find the new flyers?


Not popcorn flyers. A recruiting flyer to let prospective families know that we exist and how to join our troop


I know I mentioned it before, but check out Canva. The free version is more than adequate for what you want to do and it’s ridiculously easy to use.

You can upload the PDF or any of the JPEG or PNG files, edit them, and save them in whatever format (image or PDF, etc) that you need. It’s not Photoshop so you can’t manipulate the images themselves very much, but you can easily add text and make simple alterations to the flyers and other objects in the BSA Brand Center.

I use it to make presentations, all of our flyers for recruitment, signs, handouts for parents - pretty much anything that I want to look nicer than a generic word document.

For example, I liked a flyer from the Brand Center but wanted to customize it for my Pack and remove the Spanish. There wasn’t a version that had just the English text so I found the image alone in the Brand Center and used Canva to essentially recreate it to be specific to our troop.


My version (redacted):

In order to get the colors correct and use approved fonts, or fonts very close to the ones the BSA recommends, you can refer to the BSA Brand Guidelines PDF (https://scouting.webdamdb.com/bp/#/folder/9047143/94435363) which tells you pretty much everything you need to make things that comply with the BSA Brand guidelines - hex/RGB codes for colors, fonts, layouts, dos & don’ts, etc.

You obviously don’t have to go as crazy as I did, but you can easily add text to a flyer template that has blank space on it or cover up existing text with a white text box and put your own text over it.

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Pretty cool!
I will have to give it a try.
Thank you and stay safe

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Doesn’t your Council provide recruiting flyers? Mine does. Although, they tend to focus the communications on such to the packs. So, you may have to search the website or talk to your DE.

My council has a very limited number of flyers/graphics available on their website. They have a couple from the Brand Center that are PDFs that allow you to add some text and they have a few Council specific recruiting flyers that allow for adding some text in MS Word.

As far as I know, they don’t provide unit specific flyers for unit only events but admittedly, I’ve never asked. To be honest, it takes me very little time to create something customized for my Pack and my Troop. I’ve asked previously about graphics and whatnot for things like Scouting For Food, etc. we participate in but I’ve never been provided with anything.

I am not a graphic designer and Canva is a fairly basic program but it lets me make flyers, social media graphics, and other things tailored specifically for our needs. I just make a point to follow the guidelines in the BSA Brand Guidelines booklet so that I’m not doing anything that the BSA would consider not “on brand.”

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