BSA ID missing in Scoutbook

Hello. Can you add BSA Member ID 140480214 to the Scout’s Scoutbook profile?

@DouglasKim Could you ask a parent to double-check that the Scout’s middle name is correct in Scoutbook?

Hi Jennifer,

I see that the Scout is now connected to the BSA ID. Thank you!


@DouglasKim Yes, but can you ask a parent to check the Scout’s middle name in Scoutbook?

I asked the parent and the Scout’s middle name is not on Scoutbook. Does it need to be? Is that what’s causing the syncing issue?

@DouglasKim There is a middle name for the Scout in Scoutbook.

It is not the cause of any issues. The parent’s username got tangled up with the Scout’s Scoutbook account. That was fixed last night.

If it is the correct middle name, I can sync it to the BSA’s other database.

@DouglasKim Correction: it was in Scoutbook last night, but it is gone today.

If the parent would like the middle name added back, she will probably need to ask the council to add it back.

Got it. Thank you for your help!

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