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BSA Monthly Theme Material for Troop

I have returned to Scouting now that my grand children want to become scouts. I was drafted into the Troop as their new SM. I was last involved in the 90’s when my son earned his Eagle. In those days you could purchase a handout of the monthly themes. I get a copy at Roundtable but their theme does not always work with what we are doing in the Troop. Is there someplace I can go to get the new themes?


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Hi, @RobertFerguson,

Try It’s a BSA-official site that has a lot of the program resources we recall having in hardcopy, but are now almost exclusively online. I believe that the themes are now embedded in the Boys Life annual planning calendar. Our unit doesn’t generally use them, since the PLC decides what they want to address in terms of program themes. As a result, I haven’t kept up with the availability of the meeting theme schedule.


The BSA now calls them “Program Features”. You can purchase the Troop Program Features books from Scout shops, but they are also available online at:

I would suggest / recommend having the PLC pick the program features. There are also suggested program features in the Boys’ Life planning calendar:

Another good resource site is:


Thanks, That’s them…

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Thanks, That’s what I was looking for…

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