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BSA mortgages Philmont

I cant name them or they will loose their jobs. If yiu dont choose to believe me that is your business. I live 10 miles from national hq. I know a number of employees.

If you want to believe in the tooth fairy im not going to try to stop you either.

Btw, if i did name my friends, would you know who i was talking about? Could you independently verify my stories?

You are just trying to provoke an argument.


I, for one, would like to hear Nationals plan for paying off the mortgage and getting Philmont back out of hock, and then what can be done to protect the endowment from being placed at risk again in the future.



Given that the in depth reports said it was used as credit facility to obtain a loan to complete the construction and equipping of the new Bethel Summit reservation, one could surmise the plan is to complete that facility, turn it profitable, and pay back the loan.

Assuming that’s successful, they probably have no plans not to use the property similarly in the future. If you would like to see that change, lobby for a change in managment.


Where can I read these In-depth Reports?
I work with the youth, and am so far down the food chain I only hear about it when it is an edict.
As in ‘sign this authorization for a Credit Check you you cannot recharter’


Interesting, I had not heard about the BSR being the catalyst for mortgaging PSR. All the news, including reports of bankruptcy consideration pointed to mounting insurance problems mostly associated with the sex-abuse cover-up & litigation and falling attendance. I did more looking today after your post and did find a report of BSR project cost overruns contributing to the financial problems.

I would like to see it all work out, but I fear the concept of trying to borrow your way out of debt will end poorly.

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I’ll see if I can find what I read again. It was an analysis article and it cited paperwork that showed what seemed to be a link between this action and the loan securing the remainder of the funding at bethel, though I’ll admit that the banking and real estate jargon was over my head (definitely not my field). I read it a couple weeks back when this all first came out, so I’ll have to try and dig back to find it again.

I would like to read it as well. I sincerely hope that this is not all related to the ongoing lawsuits. I hate that today’s scouts are having to pay for the sins of the adults who came before them. It is a sad commentary.

This story is both sad and frustrating. First the BSA nearly doubles the fees in such a manner that was handled so poorly that it has left a really bad taste in many people. Our Troop is probably going to take a 25%-40% reduction in re registration. The Philmont situation just adds another level of concern to to the long term viability if the BSA. I love this program and feel that it is so vital to the young boys and now girls and it saddens me to see how matters have become.

In speaking with several long term Scouters, we are all of the feeling that we need to press our boys and girls that are close to earning the Eagle Scout Rank to hurry up just in case the BSA folds.

There will be those that will say the BSA isn’t going away but you cannot look at the landscape and make such an assurance. The lawyers see blood in the waters and the SJW’s are dug in to either changing the BSA into something we no longer recognize or destroy it.

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I apologize, I was having a medical issue (just an internal infection) last week and completely lost my head. My problem has been addressed, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive what was very uncharacteristic behavior. I am embarrassed and ashamed of my sustained outburst.

Humbly and sincerely,

Matthew A. Hinklin


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@MatthewHinklin -i can certainly forgive you. I have been known to come unhinged on many occasions. There are times though when we must accept decisions made by those who have to make them. These are certainly unusual times for scouting in the USA. The extension of limitations on lawsuits in various states has caused difficult decisions to be made.

The crux of the issue, for me, was that, according to the daughter of the donatee, the property was never given to the national council, and further was to be returned if mortgaged, according to the terms of the grant, as I read it. But I think this is a situation I have no control over, and think I should wash my hands of it. I will learn the lesson taught here.

Matt Hinklin

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I asked the question early in the year when BSA was trial-ballooning bankruptcy: “Are Philmont and the national bases at risk” and was assured that they were not. I was assured that they were held separate from National’s financial structure. Now … apparently not any longer. If (big if) they draw on the line of credit, Philmont would now be at risk should BSA file a strategic bankruptcy. So has National decided the bad PR from a bankruptcy outweighs the risk of losing it all? Scary times.


If I were you, I would remove your phone number (and probably your email address unless you don’t care about spam). Web crawling bots will pick that up and sell it to all kinds of scam call lists.

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My techie friends will all give the same advice

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I agree with your observations and suppositions: national trial ballooned bankruptcy and decided it was better to mortgage the properties.

This is a major blow to most units (recharter fee increase).