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BSA Training for Cub Scouting Volunteers

This forum discussion is intended to provide news and links to information about BSA training for volunteers.

Training is available via Group Training (Face-to-Face, Instructor-Led), Personal Coaching, Online Training (e-learning), and at Centers of Excellence.

Training Administration : Cub Scouts Adult Leader Training (2019), The Training Times , Guide to Leader Training (2018, 59 pages), Training Manager Help Manual, LDS Training News

Training Information :

Joining Training: Youth Protection, How to take guide (June 7, 2018), SB KB page,

Basic Leader Training - for positions and roles

Training award forms (from Training for Adults)

  • Den Leader Training Award Progress Record (Form 511-052, 2018 Printing)
  • Scouter’s Training Award for Cub Scouting Progress Record (Form 511-057, 2012 Printing)
  • Cubmaster’s Key Progress Record (Form 511-053, 2012 Printing)

Learning library and program resources

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The “Cub Scout Learning Library” link is broken: ends up at the generic cub scout page. (As do all links) I googled “Cub Scout Learning Library”, but that had the same broken link too. I used the search box on and couldn’t find it there either.

“The Role of Training” is also a broken link.

Other than that, all the links listed worked for me.

Terry, thank you for checking the links. In reference to:

The Cub Scout Learning Library (2015) appears to have been replaced by the CUBHUB BLOG,

The role of leader training

In the early days of the Boy Scouts of America, James E. West, our first Chief Scout Executive, was
asked what the three greatest needs of the new movement were. He replied, “Training, training,
and training.” That is still true today.

Common sense tells us that training is important, and research shows the importance of
trained leaders.

A trained leader is knowledgeable and more confident in the role being performed. The knowledge
and confidence of a trained leader are quickly sensed by others. Trained leaders impact the quality
of programs, leader tenure, youth tenure, and a whole lot more.

A trained leader is better prepared to make the Scouting program all it can be!

From the Guide to Leader Training (2018), Introduction, page 5.

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The pack 2019 Journey to Excellence (JTE) leadership training objectives are higher than national goals and now include unit committee members. Basic “Trained” includes youth protection training and position-specific training.

For how-to guidance about “Leadership-Recruitment and Leader Training-Objectives # 10 and # 11” see page 11 of the 2019 pack JTE guidebook (Jan 2019)

The JTE award objectives are set based on past national performance:

  • Bronze – Effective = 20th percentile to the 49th percentile
  • Silver – Excellent = 50th percentile to the 89th percentile
  • Gold – Exceptional = top 10 percent­­­­­­

National Direct-Contact Leaders “Trained” Goal for 2019

WHAT? National goal to achieve at least 50 percent of direct-contact leaders trained (organization-wide)

WHEN? By December 31, 2019

WHO? As listed in JTE, direct-contact leaders include

  • Cubmasters (CM)
  • Tiger Den Leaders (TL)
  • Den Leaders (DL)
  • Webelos Den Leaders (WL)
  • Scoutmasters (SM)
  • Crew Advisors (NL)
  • Skippers (SK)

So…how are we doing? We ended March 2019 with 49% DCLT (46.5% at the end of March 2018). To exceed the target of 50% we would need to have trained an additional 1705 direct contact leaders.

Per The Training Times - Spring 2019, p. 5, May 8, 2019, PDF

Pack 2019 Journey to Excellence (JTE) Objectives

Volunteer Leadership - Item #11 -

Trained leadership: Have trained and engaged leaders at all levels. All leaders are required to have youth protection training.

  • Bronze: Cubmaster or an assistant Cubmaster or pack trainer has completed position-specific training.
  • Silver: Achieve Bronze, plus the Cubmaster and den leaders have completed position-specific training or, if new, will complete within three months of joining.
  • Gold: Achieve Silver, plus two-thirds of committee members have completed position-specific training.

Source: Scorecard (Sep, 2018)

New or updated online training

per The Training Times - Spring 2019 (PDF)

BALOO Prerequisite Training (new)
Cub Scout leader (totally rewritten, new interface, shorter)
Den Chief (new)
STEM Committee (new)
Youth Protection Training (English and Spanish)

New or updated offline training

Cub Scout Facilitator-Led Training (matches online training)
Wood Badge (2 page feature article about 2019 changes.)
Youth Protection Training (English and Spanish)

Youth Protection Training note

Previous versions of the facilitated training are obsolete. Do not use them. YPT Champions can get a link to the new facilitator materials from their Scout executive.

Hazardous Weather Training Renewal Reminder

Extract from the Hazardous Weather training FAQ of 4/2/2018:

Q. Is this a membership requirement like Youth Protection training?
A. No. This is a direct contact leader positioned trained requirement effective April 30, 2018.

Q. If I am trained in my current position, will I be required to take Hazardous Weather now to retain the trained designation?
A. No, if you are currently trained in your position you will not be required to take the additional course now. We recommend if you have not taken the updated course (SCO_800) that you do so to have the most current content.

Q. What happens to my previous credit for Hazardous Weather (WS81)?
A. Course code WS81 is being retired. To stay current, the new course (SCO_800) will need to be taken after WS81 is two years old.

Q. At what point in my training do I need to take Hazardous Weather (SCO_800)?
A. The course is available for you to take at any time but is recommended in the third and last section of courses offered to be a trained leader. It is recommended that you take the course before an outdoor activity.

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