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BSA troop going to KISC (Swizerland)

Our troop is traveling to KISC (Internations Scout Center in Switzerland). I was wondering if anyone has traveled there as a troop and has any advice, suggestions, or comments. How did you handle the funded? How did you handle the planning?

We are already talking with KISC and to a representative. They are helping greatly, just looking for additional ideas.

Double check, see if you can still attend. There’s a reduction of services until February 2022.

TACs Camp Alpine and Camp Avantura BSA are cancelled this year.

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Thanks, but we already have the reservations. Look more for ideas on handling the logistics.

Happy to help if you have any specific questions. Our Troop is traveling to the UK in August to hike in Scotland and spend several days in London. We arranged flights and trains and Oyster cards for London. Respond here and happy to help with any specifics.

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