Bug in the display of Advancement

In internet advancement when looking at a youth profile the approved information appears correctly, however the Rank details on the right sidebar are not correct. (The activity log summary is.)

This is on Safari on MacOS.

I am not sure if this is the right forum to report bugs. If it is not, my apologies, and would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

I have simliar problem with recording the date and editing the date of completion of meribadge . It showed that it is recorded successfully, but the date turned to remain " today" in all my recording. Please see the belowing two pictures. thank you. In Steven K. case,

[pictures removed by Moderator for privacy]

@GraceCheng We have reported this to the developers.

It looks like on the Youth Profile page, IA 2.0 is displaying the Leader Approved Date, but it should be displaying the Date Completed.