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Building great leaders

We need to train leaders on the importance and value of shared and expanded leadership and how to recruit other adults/parents into leadership roles. Too many units have too few adults to be able to deliver a quality program experience. True, a couple of highly dedicated leaders can wear multiple hats for awhile and deliver a fairly good program but when they burn out or leave there is a void that no one else is crazy enough to want to or try to fill. These super dedicated people are well meaning but mis-guided and their units usually have poor retention and difficulty recruiting.
Great leaders attract other people to work with them and around them. Great leaders are good at sharing their vision and getting others to buy in. Great leaders create a positive environment and they give recognition and credit to others. Great leaders make sure that others have the tools and knowledge and support to do their jobs. Great leaders never stop engaging others. Great leaders set the bar high and encourage everyone to hit the bar or exceed it.
Great leaders are not born, they are built and the BSA owes it to their volunteers to teach/train them in how to become Great Leaders. The program actually does a good job of helping kids learn leadership. We need to do the same thing for the adults.
The adult volunteers are responsible to deliver a quality program to the kids. The district/council is responsible for preparing those adults to do their jobs. Hint: they are not going to get it just by logging on to a 45 minute training session at scouting.org. We have a district structure with commissioners and trainers that should be prepared to assist in delivering the training and coaching that will make those leaders successful.

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Proper leadership is missing some very important qualities

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