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Bulk Den Adventure Updates

How do i bulk update advancements for the den when we complete an adventure or requirement. We were able to do this in scouttrack but i am not able to find this in scoutbook. Scouttrack would show the advancement name and then the requirements for completing the activity in a row and list the den members in the columns. It would allow you to see all the completed activities and what is remaining for the entire den at the same time.

Can someone provide instructions for how to do this in scoutbook?

Depending on your role / position in the pack (Den Leader, Den Admin, etc.), there is an option called “Quick Entry”. It usually works best from the den page.

Thanks Jennifer, i found that report. But it only shows one activity at a time and doesn’t show if its already been completed or a date.

Quick Entry is not a report - it is bulk entry.

If you are looking for reports, then try:

My Dashboard -> Report Builder Manager

You can build and save your own custom reports.

No, I am not looking for reports. I am looking to update progress for the den. Similar to what you can do in scouttrack.

Josh, you use Quick Entry for this. It does not matter if a Scout already completed the requirement(s) as it will not overwrite previously completed dates.

It only allows requirements for 1 award at a time and all Scouts must have completed it on the same date.

Yes i found the quick entry for a single adventure and that doesn’t tell me if its already been completed by a scout or there is some problem marking it complete. When using that some cubs are able to be selected, some are grayed out. Is there like an efficient
entry section that will allow viewing when it was completed and updating? The example below is from an entry with two scouts.


If the Scout is grayed out it means either 1) the Scout is set for a different version of the award or 2) the Scout has already completed the award.

You can use Report Builder to create a report to see the status of the award and all requirements for all of your Scouts.

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