Bulk Entries Subtotal

Would love to have a subtotal option when making Bulk Payment entries. Right now, I have to run a tally twice before processing to make sure I have the entry correct. A simple subtotal for the entry would make this simplier.

I am not sure what you are asking for. The Quick Entry feature updates multiple independent payment logs. What are you expecting the subtotal to represent?

When Iā€™m making a quick entry, I am working from a paper that has a total say $165 for the individual accounts. Iā€™d like a total to show on the entry screen to verify my entry before I process. See image attached to this reply.

Also, I find my self frequently making a mistake on the entry (usually reversing a receipt with a a charge). Deleting a mistake takes a long time for the multiple mouse clicks required to go into each individual account and delete the entry. It would save ALOT of time if you could delete the entries from the Search Payment Log screen once you pull up the entry.

Thanks for your help.

David Reisinger

I understand, and I see how this could be useful. It is added to the backlog.

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