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Calculating 6 months active in Scouting from Life to Eagle Rank

My son’s Scout Master Conference took place on 15th Nov 2020 for Life Rank, the Board of Review took place on 21st Nov 2020.

Our scouting year completed on 22nd May 2021, my son went on to go to NAYLE in Philmount (June) and now we are trying to workout if the NAYLE event (1 week) in Philmount counts toward his 6 month requirement.

We resumed our scouting year again on 28th Aug, and we will be submitting his Eagle Scout application next week, we are confident that he has met the 6 months requirement but wanted to know
when the clock starts, does it start from the SMC date or the Board of Review date and also if his week in NAYLE would count toward his 6 month requirement.

Looking forward to some clarification on this matter.

Thank you in advance,

It starts with the Life Board of Review.

I’d suggest reading the section of the guide to advancement on the definition of active and going from there.


The Guide to Advancement, along with many other advancement related resources, is available here:

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Thank you for your prompts response on this topic…!!

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@NavaidKhan It’s six calendar months (even given short or longer months) from the BOR date. The clock does not start and stop based on Troop activity (e.g. if the Troop is inactive for 2-3 months during the summer).

So May 21 2021 would have been the first possible moment that the Eagle Scout application could have met the 6 month time duration.

So he has MORE than met the 6 month requirement as of 28 Aug. 2021.


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