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Calendar Permissions for ASMs?

Can ASMs add/delete events on the Troop Calendar and take attendance on In a closed thread it stated they could only use the Scouting app - is this still the case?

You have to be unit admin or Secretary or Outdoor Coordinator (I think) - to use Calendar.

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Positions / roles that can access the troop calendar:

-Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.)
-Troop Admins
-Outdoor Activities Coordinator

Patrol Admins can only access the patrol calendar for the assigned patrol(s).

We have requested units to be allowed to grant access to the calendar to other leaders in the unit, but we do not know when this might happen (because it will require a major rewrite of the permissions in Scoutbook). In the meantime, you can add ASMs as Secretary or Outdoor Activities Coordinator. Be sure they are connected to all Scouts in the unit with View Profile or higher permissions.


Why is it limited to that Group other than using the Scouting app for the Scribes? I understand it may be an issue of major code rewrite, I guess.

So if we add one of those jobs to an ASM’s leadership section, they should be able to work with the calendar? That seems to be a good workaround for now. Thank you.

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Some of the Scout youth leadership positions can take attendance using the Scouting mobile app.

-Scribe (troop)
-Troop Guide

Jennifer, thanks again. We are just transitioning from TroopMaster to ScoutBook and I am still learning the restrictions/limitations that ScoutBook may have. Having an actual app for the Scribes is great since it holds them accountable.

Are there Scout/Participant positions in crews, ships and posts that can take attendance?

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